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    libFoundation 2.00

    libFoundation is a class library for providing standard UNIX services. Currently, the library provides support for command line options handling, logging, and INI-style configuration files. The library is designed to be fast, flexible and reusable.


    Command line Options

    Command line options are processed through the Options class. It acts as a wrapper for getopt and getopt_long, with the added benefit of resolving datatypes into their natural representation. For example, if option -n takes an integer, then the options class will automatically convert the string passed in into an integer for n. See for a quick tutorial on how to use the Options class.

    Configuration File Processing

    Configuration files can be automatically loaded with the ConfigFile class. The configuration data is then stored in various sections, corresponding to the sections of the INI file with [header] tags. You can search for a particular section by name, or iterator through all sections. The particular values for each section can also be search or iterated through. Please see for a quick tutorial on how to use the ConfigFile and ConfigSection classes.


    libFoundation provides a powerful logging engine based on the concept of logging categories. With them, you have fine control at runtime of how verbose the various functional components of the software should be. The logging api can be done through both printf style strings, or via iostream << syntax. Please see for a quick tutorial on how to use the Logger classes.

    Contact Information

    Please visit the SourceForge page for more information or email slicetools-help [a t] lists . sourceforge . net.

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