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    libFoundation Class List

    Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
    CategoryInformationHold the internal information for each category
    CircularReferenceErrorErrors where variable substitution references itself
    ConfigFileClass to load and manage configuration files
    ConfigFileErrorBase class for errors in configuration files
    ConfigFileLineTooLongErrors where a line in a config file is too long to read
    ConfigSectionClass to manage individual sections of a config file
    DuplicateSectionErrorErrors where there are two sections by the same name
    ExceptionBase class for all Exceptions
    ExitProgramNormallyProgram should exit(0)
    FileIOErrorFile IO Errors
    FileSystemSimple Wrappers for checking various attributes of the file system
    FloatOptionResultClass for managing results of Floats
    FoundationWrapper Class to ease use of Options, Configuration Files, and Logging
    IntOptionResultClass for managing results of Integers
    InvalidConfigNameErrorSome other error in how something is named
    InvalidConfigurationIllegal Configuration
    InvalidOptionErrorInvalid Option (not specified as acceptable)
    LogCategoryProvides an interface for logging to a specific category
    LoggerManager for logging operations, acts as a backend to write to
    LogMsgHolds information for each item to be logged
    LogStreamBufDerives from stringbuf so that sync messages can be intercepted
    MalformedSubstitutionErrorErrors where substitution is malformed
    MissingRequiredParameterErrorAn option requires a value, but none was given
    OptionResultAbstract Base class for managing setting results of option data
    OptionsClass to simplify results of getopt and getopt_long
    OptionsErrorBase class for errors with options
    StringOptionResultClass for managing results of Floats
    UnableToOpenErrorCan't open a file
    UnableToReadErrorCan't read data from a file
    UnresolvedSubstitutionErrorErrors where a substitution can't be processed