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    libSlice File List

    Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
    ambiguityproblems.h [code]
    conicambiguity.h [code] [code]Defines implementation for ConsensusData
    ConsensusData.hh [code]Defines interface for ConsensusData
    faqs.h [code] [code]
    gapproblems.h [code]
    getConsQC.c [code]GetConsQC and getConsQCRange Implementation
    getConsQV.c [code]Implementation of functions which calculate consensus and consensus quality values [code]
    libSliceExample.c [code]
    mainpage.h [code]
    newmem.c [code]Newmem Implementation A slight modification of Paul Hardy's code from alnseq
    qualityclasses.h [code] [code]Defines implementation for ReadData and ReadManager
    ReadData.hh [code]Defines interface for ReadData and ReadManager
    Slice.h [code]Defines interface for libSlice [code]Defines implementation for SliceData
    SliceData.hh [code]Defines interface for SliceData [code]
    utility.c [code]Utility Functions on slices
    version.h [code]
    zminutes04022003.h [code]